Licenses & Certifications

Certifications/Licenses Certification #
New Jersey Minority Owned Business Enterprise (NJMBE) 55906-22
New Jersey Small Business Enterprise (NJSBE) 55732-22
New Jersey Public Works Contractor 669735
New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor 13VH04975100
New Jersey Lead Abatement Contractor 00518 A
New Jersey Asbestos Abatement Contractor 0091
NJ Transit/NJ UCP Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) ID 0045363M111
County of Hudson Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) N/A
City of Newark Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) N/A
City of Newark License N/A
New York Minority Business Enterprise (NYMBE) 55269
New York City Minority Owned Business Enterprise (NYCMBE) MWCERT2011-408
New York City Home Improvement Contractor 1369894
New York Asbestos Abatement Contractor 68496
MTA/NY UCP Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) N/A
City of Yonkers Home Improvement Contractor 5621
EPA Lead Abatement Contractor (New York) NY-111612-1
EPA Lead RRP Contractor Certification NAT-11612-1
National Asbestos Flooring Encasement Systems – Asbestos Barrier System (NAFES–ABS) N/A